South Korea

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The Coordination Committee

Rudra Sharma (Patron)
Sharma hails from Parbat district. He is a successful businessman and social worker running his businesses in South Korea. He was the founding member of Rotary Club of Pokhara and the Non-Resident Nepali Association - South Korea. Now, he is an advisor to the NRNA - South Korea. He has a keen interest in philanthropy and has done lots of charity work in his home district and has supported many other social causes.

Mobile: 0082-10-3977-4848 

RP DEVKOTA (Chief Coordinator)
Devkota is from Nawalparasi district. After graduating with an MBA from the Ajou University, he is currency working in Seoul. He has great interest in social work and strongly believes that we Nepalese can bring lots of positive changes in our society when we work together with honesty and sincerity. He finds close association with the HELP NEPAL Network's vision and mission.

Ph: 82-10-58775512

Anupama Shrestha PhD (Member)
Shrestha is working as a Research Professor in the Chonbuk National University. She completed her PhD majoring in Plant Pathology from Kangwon National University in Feb 2012. She strongly believes in the idea of 'sharing is caring and caring is loving'. That is what she wants to do by working with HELP NEPAL Network.


Pushpa Lamichhane (Member)
Lamichhane was born and brought up in Bharatpur, Chitwan. Apart from his regular work, he is associated with He is the Treasurer of Federation of Nepalese Journalists in South Korea. He says, "I always want to do something encouraging for the society like social worker, Pushpa Basnet." Lamichhane is an amateur film maker as well.

Saroj Khadka (Member)
Born and brought up in Sarlahi district, Khadka is currently working in South Korea under EPS visa and is associated with . He is hugely inspired by the HELP NEPAL Network's philosophy of 'Practical Philanthropy'. He is also impressed by youth leader Gagan Thapa's occasional charitable activities. Khada believes in 'speaking through action', which, he thinks, is the only way to bring about positive change.

Ashok Prasad Mainali (Member)
Mainali was born in Kavre district and did his Bachelors in Commerce from Kathmandu. He is working in South Korea under the EPS visa and is also the Editor of He is involved in various social activities in Korea. His hobbies includes reading, listening to music, travelling and photography.

Ramu Lamsal (Member)
Lamsal comes from Banke district and has been working in South Korea for the past few years. He is an executive committee member of the Federation of Nepalese Journalists in South Korea. Lamsal has a keen interest in philanthropy, hence, the involvement in HELP NEPAL Network.

Sher Bahadur Rawal PhD (Member)
Rawal is a research professor at the Inha University, South Korea, from where he did his PhD in Chemestry. He has a keen interest in charity, hence the involvement in HELP NEPAL Network.

Ph: 82-10-8470-6870

Ishwor Dahal (Member)
Dahal is from Rautahat district in Nepal. He has been working in South Korea for the past few years. He loves music, travelling, photography and reading books. He is active in various charitable activities in Korea.

Ph: 055-5-540115(H)

For donations and further information please contact: Rudra Sharma, the Patron of HELP NEPAL Network, South Korea chapter on 0082-10-3977-4848 (M) or you can also email him on