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Coordination Committee

Dr Upendra Mahato: Nepal’s first DSc (Doctor of Sciences) in Technical Science, Dr Mahato is a highly successful multinational entrepreneur and well reputed philanthropist. He is the Founder President of Non-Resident Nepali Association and President of Russia Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry.  

Jibanath Lamichhane: Holds MSc in Civil Engineering (Moscow) and is a multinational entrepreneur. He is the Vice-President of the Non-Resident Nepali Association and the Director of Russia-based Technotrust Co. Ltd., and Nepal-based Kantipur Engineering College, Molnia Power Pvt. Ltd., and Medicare National Hospital.

Dr. Bhishma Acharya: Holds PhD in Political Sciences (from Russian Friendship University, Moscow) and is an author of a book, The Impact of Political Culture in Political System of Nepal, which is published in Russian as well as Nepali languages. He is the Sectary General of the Russia-Nepal Chamber of Commerce & Industry, and the Deputy Director of Moscow-based Elion Line Company. Dr Acharya is the main communication point for the HeNN-CIS.
Ph: (095) 111 15 53 (W)

Please contact Jiba Lamichhane via or call him on 0074-9596-95065 if you would like to support HELP NEPAL Network.