Establishment of HELP NEPAL Health Post, Mugu

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Established in a remote village in Mugu, HeNN Health Post has saved many lives.
HELP NEPAL Health Post at a remote Murma village of Mugu district.

Construction and operation of HELP NEPAL Health Post

Murma village, Mugu district, Karnali zone

The Murma Top Youth Club is the main partner. However, since the establishment of the health post in June 2004, HeNN has received support from different organisations and individuals mentioned in the Project Description below.

Construction: US$ 7,000

Operation cost: 
2004 US$ 2,020
2005 US$ 3,400
2006 US$ 6,366.96
2007 US$ 7,283.53
2008 US$ 9,973
2009 US$ 9,848.96


Nepali Times Publisher/Former Editor Kunda Dixit visit HeNN Health Post in March 2011.PROJECT DESCRIPTION:
HELP NEPAL Network constructed the health post at a remote village in one of the most far-flung districts of Nepal in 2004. The total cost of the project came to around US$ 14,000 of which 50% came as an in-kind support from the local community. This included the land, building material and labour costs.

Day to day running of the centre is supervised by the village committee with monthly reports submitted to both the local government as well as HeNN. 

Various organizations and individuals have supported the health post in different ways. However, the Everest Marathon Fund in the UK has been the major partner in running the health post. It has donated over US$ 28,500 since 2006 to support the health post's operational cost and trainings. 

Health Care Nepal, a charity based in the USA, has conducted various health camps distributing free-of-cost medicine.

Similarly ,Himal Dental Hopital, Friends of Santa Bhawan and National Fertility Care Centre  have helped Assistant Health Worker  and Auxiliary Nurse Midwife of the health post to obtain trainings on the dental care and treatment, laboratory procedures and on the reproductive health issues, respectively.

Recently, Save the Children has provided funds to establish a birthing center in the health post along with the essential Safe Birth Attendant (SBA) training.

Abhaya Shrestha, the President of HELP NEPAL Network USA, visited the health post in 2011 and wrote an article in the Nepali Times, a well respected English weekly published from Kathmandu, about Birkha Bahadur Rokaya, who was instrumental in establishing the health post.

You can read Shrestha's article by following this link:

Dr. Sandesh Paudyel (District Health Officer in Mugu) visited the health post on several occasions and praised the location and the service it is providing. He also appreciated the local staff and the community spirit.

Mr. Yagya Raj Pant, an Education Officer, working with the United Mission to Nepal, visited the health post while on a trip to Mugu for his official work. He said the health post was doing very well.

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